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Korg MA-30 Digital Metronome

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The Korg MA-30 Digital Metronome is the most useful metronome ever in this price range. Duplets, triplets, and quadruplets 
with inner beats omitted, and more make playing along interesting and more realistic than a click track. Features a highly 
visible liquid crystal pendulum, 12 reference pitches, adjustable calibration, adjustable volume, tap tempo, earphone jack, 
and memory backup. The Korg MA-30 Digital Metronome has a 250 hour battery life.

  • Highly visible liquid crystal pendulum
  • 13 different built-in rhythms
  • Rhythms include duplets, triplets, triplets with inner beats omitted, quadruplets, and quadruplets with inner beats omitted
  • 12 reference pitches C4 -B4
  • Adjustable calibration (438-445 Hz)
  • Adjustable volume
  • Tempo adjusts from 40-208BPM
  • Tap tempo
  • Earphone jack
  • Memory backup